Neighbourhood Plan Website Launched!

Stainforth Town Council has now launched its website for the upcoming neighbourhood plan which will put more power in the hands of Stainforth and South Bramwith residents. News, information and ways to get involved will be posted here as the plan progresses.

3 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan Website Launched!

  1. Hi All,
    I am an elderly Gentleman of 79 years and I am looking to purchase Number 30 Thomas Road which at present is boarded up. I need either access to the property to determine how much it would cost to refurbish or details as to the present condition, Unfortunately the expression “a shell” does not give me sufficient information to make a sensible decision on how much to bid as a maximum and I need to know if there has been any water damage, are the floors intact, are the stairs intact. Is there anyone that might have that sort of information either in the planning dep’t’ or similar area. At my age I cannot get a mortgage so have to rely upon my limited funds. I have many skills and would slowly renovate the property to my liking. I also enjoy gardening and I see in the area a beautiful picturesque place to live in. I have already placed messages wherever I can to try and gain the information that I require. Just an accurate verbal description would be great to give me the edge that I need. There will be many party’s who want to make as high a profit as possible disregarding the likes or dislikes of the community. I on the other hand want to live the rest of my life out in this house, so please if you possibly can, share any details regarding Number 30 Thomas Road with me, as I think I would be a benefit to the local community.
    Regards to all Mo King

    • Hi there,

      As the administrator of this website I have passed your request onto our town clerk and will get back to you when I have more information about who could help with this.

      Thank you
      Cllr Harry Fisher

    • Hi again,

      By the sound of the message we assume the property is up for auction? If this is the case, have you tried calling the auctioneer for more info? If it is a St Leger Homes property then this would be an issue for DMBC however we as the town council do not have any information about it. If that is the case, you can contact Doncaster Council on 01302 736000.

      Thank you,
      Cllr Harry Fisher

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