What are you doing?

We are visiting different parts of Stainforth and South Bramwith and have been in touch with some individuals, businesses and groups in order to seek their views. All contributions have been taken into account and we have already had a business launch. The Neighbourhood Plan community launch will be held on Good Friday at the Stainforth Community Resource Centre and other events will be held at places such as the Phoenix Centre and Stanley Gardens.

The plan will be submitted to the local planning authority (Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council) after completion and if it is found to be satisfactory, a referendum will be held on whether to put it into action.

Why are you doing it?

We’re doing it because the people of this community feel they have been left behind, isolated and alienated from other parts of Doncaster. The community has been run down since the closure of the mine and people have had to move away for employment. We want to bring jobs back to Stainforth.

Planning in advance is important for a growing community, and our plan will include proposals for new houses, along with facilities for these new houses such as doctors surgeries, schools, easier access to Hatfield and Stainforth railway station and much more. It will also include planning on matters such as social housing, private housing and possible new shops to cope with an influx of new people.

The plan will also allow us to choose what types of businesses can be set up in Stainforth and South Bramwith, and will allow us to make decisions over parks, woodland and green space.

We hope to make Stainforth one of the most attractive parts of Doncaster by attracting people who will spend money here and boost our local economy, creating a richer town with more jobs.

The people of South Bramwith wish to retain their village green and the rural character of the hamlet, and the respondents to our questionairre have been compelled by the idea of it becoming a small tourist stop for people to visit while travelling to Kirk Bramwith.