Stainforth has a considerable history and has one of the oldest markets in the UK. In 2014 a silver cross dating back to the time of the emperor Charlemagne was discovered in Stainforth, and it has since been known as the Stainforth Jewel. It is believed to have been worn by a high ranking official from the court of the emperor Charlemagne who ruled over France, Germany and Northern Italy. It is thought that the envoy was travelling from Lincoln to York via the Don crossing at Stainforth.

The town is even mentioned in the Domesday Book as ‘Stenforde’ which means stony ford. Some notable people from Stainforth include Nobel Prize winning chemist George Porter, who later became Lord Porter of Luddenham.

Another noteworthy fact is that the concrete headgear at Hatfield Main Coliery was the first of its kind in Europe and is a Grade II listed building.