Stainforth Town Council is carrying out a “Call for Sites” so that land for potential future development located within the Stainforth Neighbourhood Development Area can be considered and, where suitable, incorporated into the Neighbourhood Development Plan. The Town Council will use the information provided by you to prepare the evidence base that informs the Neighbourhood Development Plan. As such, the Council cannot guarantee that any site representations made after the deadline below can be considered as part of this process.


Please note that any site that is wanted to be promoted through the Neighbourhood Development Plan process needs to be submitted via this site submission process. This ensures we have the most up-to-date information about your site. If the site submission form below is not completed, the Council will assume there is no intention of bringing forward land for development in this Neighbourhood Plan.


This form is designed to collect a level of detail for an initial site assessment.  Please fill in as much as possible to assist with this process, but please do not attach additional information at this stage other than your site location plan. All data will be used to assess your site, therefore incorrect information may result in the site being incorrectly assessed. The Town Council may contact you at a later stage during the site assessment process for further information if required. There will also be the opportunity for you to provide further information on your site(s) as part of the statutory consultation stages of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.


Please note that sites submitted will be openly available to the public and the information submitted will not be treated as confidential.



Submitting the Form

 Please use a separate form for each site.

 You can submit your Site Assessment Form and OS map by email to Alternatively, this form can be returned by post to: Stainforth Town Council, PO BOX 797, Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5WZ

 Please fill in the text boxes provided and be as succinct as possible with your response.

 Anonymous proposals will not be accepted as we need to be able to contact you in the future.


Site Criteria

 The site must be within the boundary of Stainforth Town Council’s Neighbourhood Plan Area.

 You are invited to consider submitting proposals for sites, which could accommodate housing, employment, open space and leisure and any other type of development site the Neighbourhood Development Plan could identify.


Any Further Questions in Respect to Completing this Form?

Please contact a member of the Stainforth Town Council via telephone or email, as follows:, 01302 844903.

Download a copy below: