Welcome to the Stainforth Neighbourhood Plan website!
We ran an issues & options consultation between April & May 2019, and you can read our draft neighbourhood development plan here!

Stainforth Town Council intends to make a neighbourhood plan that gives the people of Stainforth and South Bramwith a voice over planning issues in their communities. This will allow all residents to have their say on what should go where in Stainforth and South Bramwith in the future and will include a number of topics such as: car parks, housing, leisure areas and parklands, shops, waste ground, walking areas and heritage.

We hope to visit a wide cross section of people across Stainforth and South Bramwith with the intention of obtaining a variety of views about the future. Our aim is to listen to members of the public as well as local businesses, churches, schools, and community groups.

Eventually a referendum will be held that will present the people of Stainforth and South Bramwith with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ choice on whether to accept the neighbourhood plan.

If the people of Stainforth and South Bramwith vote in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan, it will become Planning Law that Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council (DMBC) MUST adhere to when considering planning applications. This gives our people real power to make decisions for the local area.

This website will feature news and information on the plan as well as a chance to get involved and help us cater to your needs. If you would like to follow us on social media, you can find our Facebook page by clicking here.