Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) were introduced through the Localism Act 2011 to give local people a greater say in planning decisions that affect their area. NDPs are neighbourhood level planning policy documents with policies designed to reflect the needs and priorities of local communities.


NDPs can identify where development should take place, set out local design principles so that buildings respond positively to local character and protect important facilities, historic buildings, the natural environment and open spaces. They are an important part of our planning system because planning applications are determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise. Made (adopted) NDPs are part of the local statutory development plan for their area.


A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) can cover a range of planning related issues or just have one, single policy. This document has been prepared building on the Issues and Options consultation earlier in 2019.


It is important to remember that NDPs cannot be prepared in isolation. They have to be ‘in general conformity’ with local strategic planning policies - in this case, the strategic policies in the Doncaster Unitary Development Plan (UDP) 1998 Saved Policies[1] and Doncaster Core Strategy 2011 - 2028[2].  We will also need to have regard to the policies and proposals in the new emerging Doncaster Local Plan and the evidence base supporting this document. NDP Policies also have to have regard to national planning policy, as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)[3] which was revised in February 2019 and other National Planning Practice Guidance, Ministerial Statements and Government advice.


All the Neighbourhood Development Plan planning policies have to be underpinned by a clear and robust evidence base of local opinion and technical resources and, overall, the Plan has to meet a set of ‘basic conditions’ set out in national guidance.


Preparing an NDP is a complex and lengthy process. We are hoping to finalise our Stainforth Draft NDP for the required 6 weeks formal consultation in Autumn 2019. Following this, the Plan will be further revised and submitted to Doncaster Council who will check it and publish it for another 6 weeks consultation.


The Plan then will be examined by an independent Examiner, who is likely to recommend further changes before the Plan is subjected to a local Referendum within the town. If there is a majority Yes vote (50% of turnout + 1), the Plan will be made by Doncaster Council and used to help determine planning applications alongside Doncaster’s planning policies and national policies.


There are therefore several stages of public consultation and engagement throughout the process and the Neighbourhood Plan can only be made if, at the very end, local people support it.


We hope to achieve all this and have a Plan in place by mid 2020.  We need your help and ideas to achieve this.


[1] http://www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/planning/doncaster-unitary-development-plan

[2] http://www.doncaster.gov.uk/services/planning/ldf-core-strategy-development-plan-document-dpd

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