Stainforth has a number of vacant sites and buildings which detract from the town's attractiveness and can be targets for vandalism and fly tipping.  However these sites could also be seen as investment opportunities for new development which contributes to the town's regeneration and renewal.

82.0% of the respondents to the questionnaire saw derelict buildings and waste land in Stainforth as a problem.  At the Issues and Options Stakeholder workshop the following were identified as potential development opportunities:

  • Pumping Station, Thorne Road

  • East Lane House

  • Station Road shops

  • Site next to Asda

  • Area off East Lane / Kenneth Avenue

  • Hall Road Crook Barn (suspected to be still in use for storage)

  • Site next to New Inn

The Town Council would like to see pressure put upon site owners to bring the sites forward for development, or at the very least tidied up and maintained so that they do not cause a negative visual impact on the surrounding area.  The sites could be suitable for a range of uses including housing, business and community uses and the through NDP further work could be done to investigate possible site allocations and criteria based policies to guide their redevelopment and reuse.

Public Health Comments: Sustainable growth can have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of local residents and can benefit local communities.

The community will need to work with developers to provide sustainable solutions for use of any spaces identified.  Any development should meet the needs of the community and demonstrate how residents will benefit from existing and enhanced amenities, services and transport links.